What is a Rent Google Agency Ads Account?

A Rent Google Agency Ads Account refers to utilizing an existing Google Ads account provided by a certified Google Partner agency rather than creating your own standard account. Renting an agency account allows advertisers to tap into the benefits of the Google Ads platform without undergoing the lengthy verification and setup process required for a new individual account.

Master Your Client's Ads: The Power of Google Agency Accounts

A Google Agency Account is a special type of Google Ads account that is made for ad agencies and other businesses that manage multiple Google Ads accounts. Google Agency Accounts offer a number of benefits, including:
    • The ability to manage multiple Google Ads accounts from a single interface
    • You get your hands on some advanced reporting and analytics capabilities
    • The ability to create and manage shared libraries of ads, keywords, and other assets for your campaigns
    • You can team up with others and work together on Google Ads campaigns
    Google Agency Accounts are only available to businesses that meet some must-haves, such as having been registered as a business for at least one year and having an active Google Ads account in good standing for at least one year.

    If you're an agency or someone dealing with lots of Google Ads accounts, then a Google Agency Account can be your best buddy. It's a real timesaver and can seriously up your game.


    Benefits of renting an Agency Account?

    What are the key differences between a Google Agency account and a regular Google Ads account?

    Advantages of Google Agency advertising accounts



    The process of renting a Google Agency account

    How to Rent a Google Agency Account from Rent Ads Agency


    Register your information

    Fill out the information registration form with your product or service information, Facebook page URL, and website name. Click here to access the form: Contact


    Browse customer information

    Rent Ads Agency browse Info (Product, Website)


    Rent Ads Agency registers information with Google

    Rent Ads Agency registers information with Google. We will use the information you have provided to register for a Google Agency account for you.


    Customers receive accounts

    Customers receive accounts. After you have authorized us to manage your account, we will send you your login details.


    Read the notices and policies clearly

    Please read our policies closely so that you get how we work and procedures. This makes things to avoid any disputes that may arise.


    Note at Rent Ads Agency?

    Regulations when renting a Google Agency Ad Account

    • One domain per account: Each Google Agency account can only have one domain associated with it.
    • Website must be complete: Your website must have all of the required pages, such as a shipping policy, refund policy, payment method page, etc.
    • Don't switch up the domain: Once you have got your Google account, you must not change the domain associated with it. If you need to add more domains, you must request a new account.
    • Make sure ads follow rules with Google's regulations: You are responsible for ensuring that your Google Ads campaigns comply with all of Google's advertising policies. If you get a heads-up from Rent Ads Agency about a violation, you must make the needed changes to your campaigns immediately.
    • Inactive accounts: If your Google Agency account's turned off, Rent Ads Agency will help you for free to help you get it reinstated. However, if you need a new account in the meantime, you will need to open a new account and pay the costs involved.
    • Permanent restrictions: If your Google Agency account is permanently restricted, Rent Ads Agency will move your leftover money in your account to another advertising account of your choice.
    • Registered niches: You must register the niche that you will be running ads for when you rent a Google Agency account. You cannot change the niche once the account has been created. However, you can run different ads within the same niche.



    Total cost of Rent Ads Agency

    Mandatory fees

    Open a free account

    Service fee: Depends on the product the customer does business

    USD and VND exchange rates: Will change from time to time


    What are you wondering about right now?

    Frequently asked questions?

    Whether you are a newbie or an old person, you will probably have questions about our Google Agency account rental service, read and find out the questions below.


    1. What products are rented accounts?

    Rent Ads Agency provides invoice accounts for the following items: Clean goods (POD, dropship, fashion, home gadgets, furniture),Makeup, Beauty shops, Spas

    Some products in the functional food group, such as milk (does not support pathological products)

    2. If the account is locked, will the deposit be lost?

    Yes, if the account is locked, the deposit will be forfeited. The remaining amount in the dead account will be frozen by Google. Rent Ads Agency will support you to appeal, or if the final result is a can't use it ever, Rent Ads Agency will support transferring money to another advertising account for you.

    3. How is VAT calculated?

    Rent Ads Agency does not charge VAT. We only collect:

    • Open a free account
    • Service fee: Depends on the product the customer does business
    • USD and VND exchange rates: Will change from time to time
    4. Can I get a refund for the remaining balance in my account if I no longer want to use the service?
    • Yes, you can. Rent Ads Agency will refund the leftover money in your account after 60 working days from the date of completing the final balance closing procedure.
    5. Can I change accounts if the one I'm renting is too expensive?

    Yes, you can. However, there may be a fee associated with changing accounts.

    6. What happens if my account is disabled?
    • Rent Ads Agency will assist you with appealing the disabled account. If the appeal is unsuccessful and the account is permanently restricted, Rent Ads Agency will transfer the remaining balance in your account to another advertising account of your choice.