How to get Facebook agency account? The Complete Guide

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Do you want to learn how to get a Facebook agency account? Are you looking to unlock more advanced Facebook advertising capabilities? Access to a Facebook agency account enables valuable features not available with standard business profiles. This includes higher spending limits, the Business Manager platform, detailed performance analytics and dedicated support.

But securing agency partner approval involves meeting strict eligibility standards around minimum spend levels, account history, business verification and advertising policies compliance. You can’t simply request access. This complete guide will walk you through everything required to get a Facebook agency account approved in 2024 successfully.

Why You Need a Facebook Agency Account?

Before committing to get a Facebook agency account, it's crucial to understand the tangible benefits unlocked with this upgrade. Agency accounts provide a suite of advantages not accessible through standard business profiles.

Streamlined Client & Campaign Management

The crown jewel benefit is vastly simplified coordination across multiple advertising clients and their respective campaigns. Agency accounts allow you to organize distinct ad accounts under specific clients, with customized permission levels you control.

This makes juggling even a high volume of distinct brands and initiatives incredibly smooth. Segment clients, assign granular assets access, adjust budgets - your entire account portfolio in one centralized command center.

Accelerated Performance & Growth

Managing at scale is further enhanced with agency only features that speed up repetitive tasks and reporting. Take advantage of bulk actions across campaigns, automated insights email delivery, preset reports, and custom performance dashboards for your team.

More efficiency means more time for value-add analysis to continuously improve results. Agency accounts empower you to achieve faster growth by removing tedious admin work.

Exclusive Advanced Capabilities

Beyond efficiency, agency status also unlocks exclusive functionality and insights. Like activating critical cross-account services such as pixel sharing to enable aggregated event tracking. Or comparative audience research performance across your client base.
Leverage sophisticated budget pacing, billing and permissions tools only available to qualified agency partners. Expanded capabilities empower bigger thinking and high-tier strategic work for clients.

Enhanced Client Collaboration

Overseeing multiple brands and initiatives simultaneously also demands structured team workflows and client collaboration. Agency accounts include shared asset libraries, calendar integration, task assignments and real-time performance notifications.
Strengthen client relationships and Trust with transparency into campaign progress. Or provide self-service access to customize reports demonstrating strong accountability and results.

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How to get to Facebook agency account?

Gaining access to a Facebook agency account depends on your specific situation and role:

I'm a Client Looking for Access

If you're a brand working with an approved Facebook marketing agency, they should grant you access within their overall business manager. Contact your agency representative to request permissions to specific ad accounts or assets based on your needs.
For more direct in-account control, agencies can assign you "Advertiser" or "Admin" roles. This allows managing campaigns and ad sets without going through the agency, while they retain overall governance.

I'm an Agency Employee Needing Access

As an agency team member, you can login to Meta Business Manager using internal credentials provisioned by your agency. This grants access to all connected client accounts and linked ad accounts.

If you need to work within specific client ad accounts or campaigns, request those permissions from your account manager or agency leadership. Ensure you only access designated assets aligned with your role.

I Want to Become a Facebook Marketing Agency

Aspiring to become an approved Facebook agency partner? First, thoroughly review qualification criteria and apply for Meta Business Partner status. This unlocks benefits like dedicated support and inclusion in their agency directory.

You can also proactively pitch individual brands you're interested in managing. Highlight your unique expertise and how you can advance their Facebook advertising results. Consider leading with a limited-scope pilot campaign to demonstrate potential value.
As you grow your client base, ensure responsible access controls and transparency. This builds vital trust and credibility on your agency qualifications journey.

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This video will show you how to get Access To Your Client's Facebook Ad Account

Final thought for Facebook agency partner

Getting approved for a Facebook agency account unlocks valuable advertising capabilities not available to standard business profiles. However, securing agency access requires meeting strict eligibility standards around minimum spend, account history, verification status, and ad policies compliance.

So how to get a Facebook agency account? The path forward depends on your specific situation - whether you're a client seeking agency-managed Facebook advertising, an employee needing permissions within your agency's business manager, or an aspiring agency looking to initially qualify.

Regardless, as your agency grows in clients and capabilities, ensure responsible access controls and complete transparency. Building trust and credibility with Facebook and advertising clients by meeting stringent requirements is vital for successfully getting a Facebook agency account.

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