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Having your Google Ads account suspended for circumventing systems is a nightmare scenario. With the dreaded notification "Your Account Violated the Circumventing Systems Policy", it can feel like your business is crumbling. After 7 years specializing in Google Ads management and encountering countless suspended accounts, I've learned that this violation stems from various causes - and can often be resolved with the right approach.

In fact, up to 85% of advertisers with this violation notice are unable to recover their accounts on their own. The good news is that nearly all accounts can be reinstated after identifying the root issues. By analyzing the causes, strategically appealing the violation, and implementing preventative measures moving forward, we can get your ads running again.

In this post, I'll break down the common triggers behind circumvention policy violations, walk through the appeal process, and provide actionable tips to avoid future issues. Whether you inadvertently triggered Google's strict rules or were the victim of competitor sabotage, this guide will equip you to fix your suspended account and resume advertising with confidence. Keep reading to learn how.

The Most Common Causes of Violating Google's Circumventing Systems Policy

Based on my experience helping clients facing account suspensions, there are a few key reasons why businesses often run into issues with Google's policy against circumventing their systems:

  • Cloaking: This involves showing different content to Google during reviews versus what regular users see. Often the goal is to hide non-compliant content from Google. Examples include redirection to non-compliant pages, frequently changing site content or URLs, and restricting access to pages.
  • Violations Across Multiple Accounts: Having policy violations across several accounts you own frequently triggers the circumventing systems policy. This includes creating new accounts or assets to promote content that has already been disapproved.
  • Bypassing Enforcement: Making variations of disapproved ads or content in attempts to bypass Google's restrictions will also lead to violations of the circumventing systems policy. Other examples include obfuscating prohibited content and creating new accounts after previous suspensions.
  • False Information: Providing false verification details or other inaccurate data to Google during reviews or appeals can also lead Google to determine you have attempted to circumvent their systems, resulting in suspension.


Causes of Violating Google's Circumventing Systems Policy Google Ads

How to Fix Your Account Violated the Circumventing Systems Policy

Google may disable your Google Ads account if you violate their circumventing systems policy. This means you are showing different content to users versus what Google sees when they try to access your landing pages. To fix this and get your account reinstated, follow these steps:

  1. Review the content of your ads, landing pages, and website to identify discrepancies between what users see versus search engines. Remove any cloaking, redirection, or switching of content based on source. Ensure all users see the same relevant content.
  2. Delete any duplicate Google Ads accounts you created trying to get around the policy violation. Stick to one account per website to avoid getting flagged for duplicate accounts.
  3. Double check that all text, images, and videos on your landing pages and website align with the products/services advertised in your Google Ads. Anything sexually explicit or unrelated will lead to disapprovals.
  4. Create a privacy policy and terms & conditions page if you don't already have one. Google checks for these compliance pages.
  5. Consider creating new landing pages from scratch that accurately display your offerings. There may have been issues with your old landing pages.
  6. In your Google Ads account, submit an appeal requesting a review of your corrected website and landing pages. Follow up periodically via email or phone if it is not reinstated promptly.

The key is removing any discrepancies between what users see versus search engines, deleting duplicate accounts, realigning ads with landing page content, and appealing the violation once fixed. This should help get your circumventing systems policy violation lifted so your account can start running again. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Circumventing Systems Policy Violations

Will I receive any warning before my account is suspended?

Google typically issues an initial warning providing time, usually 7 days, to correct issues before fully suspending an account for violations. However, in egregious cases of manipulating their systems, they may suspend immediately.

How long does it take to regain access to my account after a suspension?

This can vary. Some may regain access in 1-2 weeks if the remediation plan is strong, while others may wait 1-2 months. Be patient but persistent with your appeals.

Can I open a new Google Ads account or migrate to a new domain while suspended?

No. That would likely be viewed by Google as further attempts to circumvent their policies and make reinstatement extremely difficult. Focus on your existing property and account.

What are my alternatives if my appeal gets rejected?

Seek guidance from Google Ads specialists on where remediation plans are still lacking. As a last resort, you may need to cut losses on Google Ads for that entity and property. Focus on other marketing channels.

What can help speed up being reinstated?

A clearly communicated compliance plan detailing changes made and how they address the root causes of the violation.  Multiple successful remediations involving similar suspensions in the past also helps trustworthiness.

Seeing that "Your Account Violated the Circumventing Systems Policy" message can be disheartening. However, by methodically evaluating and addressing the root causes, implementing structural changes, and clearly demonstrating your corrections to Google through appeals, most accounts can regain access. Stay persistent yet patient, focus on compliance, and know that redemption is possible.

Mohamed Fouad

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