How To Find Trending Products On TikTok In 2024?

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TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last few years with over 1 billion monthly active users. For business owners and entrepreneurs, this presents a valuable opportunity to spot emerging trends and capitalize on up-and-coming products before they hit the mainstream

In this comprehensive guide, we send you how to find trending products on TikTok to help your channel grow rapidly.

Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

TikTok's algorithm is designed to provide each user with an endless stream of engaging, relevant videos on their For You page. It analyzes user behavior - like likes, comments, follows, watch time, and more - to determine which types of videos a user prefers.

The key factors TikTok's algorithm considers include:

  • Engagement metrics: The algorithm looks at metrics like likes, shares, saves, comments, and watch time to gauge a video's value and relevance to users. More engagement signals to the algorithm that a video resonates with users.
  • User interactions: Who a user follows and engages with influences the types of videos surfaced to them. If you engage with comedy video creators, you'll likely see more comedy video recommendations.
  • Video information: Details like whether a video was natively created on TikTok, captions, and embedded video data all provide further context to help the algorithm make better recommendations catered to user interests.
  • Account settings: Location, language preferences, device type, and more account details also play a minor role in tailoring recommendations.

TikTok's main goal is to keep users engaged by recommending content they find entertaining, informative and relevant - regardless of creator notoriety. This means even new creators have significant visibility opportunities if they create content that genuinely resonates with target viewers.

By optimizing your content for engagement and relevance from the start, you can leverage TikTok's uniquely fair algorithm to drive more eyes on your products.

TikTok have several formats through which content can go viral. Being aware of these trending content types allows you to jump on emerging opportunities:

Viral Sounds

Reuse engaging audio clips as background music to make your video more discoverable.

Popular Hashtags

Include relevant trending hashtags while also mixing in less competitive niche tags to expand reach.

Viral Effects

Leverage special effects, filters and interactive lenses that are rising in popularity to captivate audiences.

Dance Challenges

Film yourself participating in the latest dance craze or challenge sweeping TikTok.

Trending Song TikTok

By aligning your own content with formats already resonating widely, you can maximize visibility and trigger the crucial momentum needed to join the ranks of trending TikTok and Reels breakthroughs.

Here are some proven methods to help you identify the hottest products on TikTok:

Exploring TikTok's Discovery tab

TikTok's Discovery tab showcases the platform's currently trending content across various categories like hashtags, songs, and videos. This section essentially aggregates much of what's popular and rising in buzz on TikTok at any given moment.

As such, the Discovery tab presents a prime manual opportunity to spot product trends in their early stages. You can scan top videos and observe which types of products commonly appear or are attracting engagement. Make notes on specific products standing out and research mentions of associated hashtags.

For example, you may notice a surge of videos featuring colorful phone cases from an particular seller. Or beauty videos raving about a new skincare tool. These early signals suggest a product is resonating and gaining momentum.

While manual tracking doesn't provide robust statistics, it allows you to rapidly spot patterns in the types of products sparking interest. You can then further research individual items using other methods to confirm their viral potential before moving to sell.

Checking TikTok's Discovery section as part of your daily routine gives you an easy way to manually identify rising product stars before they become oversaturated.

Follow channels of KOLs, KOCs, and influencers

Influencers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and key opinion consumers (KOCs) have enormous sway over product trends on TikTok. Their branded collaborations and recommendations often spur viral moments that dramatically boost product visibility.

To leverage influencer content for spotting rising product trends:

  • Identify relevant influencers in your niche by searching industry-related hashtags like #fashiontiktok or #beautytiktok.
  • Vet and follow influencers who regularly feature innovative products and seem to kickstart viral trends. Look for creators that other fans tag as "trendsetters".
  • Closely monitor videos from these trendsetting influencers for any promising new products. Make note of products consistently gaining traction across multiple influencer accounts/videos.
  • Cross-reference with TikTok's analytics tools to validate rising engagement metrics around products you identified. Consider reaching out to brands for partnership opportunities.

Staying tapped into influencer networks offers invaluable early access to the next viral sensation before competition heats up. Combine with data-driven validation for a complete approach to spotting and acting on breakout product trends.

Checking trends from other social platforms is an effective way to find the latest news for your channel

  • Monitor Google Trends: Check if search volume and interest for the product keyword is growing over time. Spikes may indicate rising consumer demand.
  • Evaluate Amazon and e-commerce sites: Scan product listings for traction indicators like positive reviews, best-seller tags, and quantifiable sales data. Use tools like Jungle Scout to estimate monthly revenue.
  • Analyze Instagram: Pay attention to your product showing up organically on the Explore page or as part of viral Instagram Reels. The algorithm surfaces current trending content.
  • Evaluate conversations on Twitter/Facebook: See if real users are discussing and recommending your identified product across their personal social channels.

Essentially, a product exhibiting high interaction, conversation volume and discovery across TikTok AND other major platforms indicates a legit mainstream trend with sales potential. The more confirmation, the smarter it is to capitalize on the product popularity wave.

Using TikTok Top Products

TikTok's Top Products dashboard displays winning products in your region and category. This makes it an invaluable asset for identifying potential winning products.

Here is how to effectively use Top Products for product research:

  1. Login to TikTok's Creative Center and navigate to the Top Products module.
  2. Apply filters for region, category, date range to surface niche top performers.
  3. Toggle between subcategory and individual product views depending on your research needs.
  4. Sort products by engagement metrics like clicks, conversions, etc to reveal current top sellers.
  5. Click into individual product details to analyze performance history and trend lines over specified timeframes.
  6. Scroll to the bottom products page to observe real ad examples featuring the products. This can inspire your own video creatives.
  7. Consult the Audience Insights panel to evaluate demographic stats on optimal customer age, interests etc.

Combined with the other product research tactics covered previously, Top Products equips you with both hard performance data and creative ideas to capitalize on reliably viral products. Sync your findings here with external platform analytics for the most well-rounded assessment before moving forward.

Using the web tool Shoplus to Find Winning Products

Shoplus is tailored for TikTok shop and provides you with all the necessary data to identify trending products and the videos selling them.

Now let’s get started with Shoplus:

How to Find Market Opportunities

Secrets of Selecting High Quality Influencers

How to choose products & data analysis

Discover Product Potential: 30 seconds to explore potential TikTok products and assist merchants in selecting the best product

Find recent sales spikes through the Breakout Products list and seize the product opportunity quickly.

Breakout Products list

Find new products that are performing well through the New Products sales list, and seize the product opportunity quickly.

Find new products that are performing well

Find similar products in the Products Search & Top Sales to conduct a sales analysis

Find similar products in the Products Search & Top Sales

How to increase sales

Pick Influencers: Search TikTok influencers with high ROI based on 360° data analysis.

Choosing influencers from live streams and videos with multiple dimensions in the influencers Search

Determine whether the influencers are suitable for marketing based on their sales and marketing metrics.

Check Top Seles by County, Category, Filters

Produce High-quality Content: find Hot Product Videos and get content inspiration

Find popular videos in Video Search

Find popular videos in Video Search

Find the current trends in the Hashtags & Songs Search to create viral videos

Find the current trends in the Hashtags & Songs Search

Finding winning viral products on TikTok requires systematically tracking engagement data across tools like Shoplus to pinpoint rising opportunities. By leveraging rented TikTok agency ad accounts from, you can then validate trends with paid testing and scale up ads around proven converting products. Renting accounts grants unlimited spending and materials to capitalize on trends before the competition. Ultimately by combining smart data-driven research with rented agency accounts for amplified exposure, brands can fully exploit TikTok's formidable product discovery capabilities for explosive growth.

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